2018 O50 GCWC Reserve List

The Reserve List as at 29 May 2018 is as shown below.

Any player may apply via their WCF Member to be added to the Reserve List.

If a vacancy in the Event occurs up to midnight BST on Sunday, 23 September 2018, the place will be offered to the highest-placed player on the Reserve List ordered by 12 month Maximum Grade at midnight on the day on which the vacancy is notified to the WCF.  If that player cannot take up the place, it will be offered to other players on the Reserve List in descending order of 12 month Maximum Grade.


1   Tom Weston ENG   1979
2   Fergus Thompson SCO   1974
3   Stephen Leonard ENG   1925
4   Harold Denton USA   1890
5   Robert Godfrey AUS   1803
6   Geraldine Trivett AUS   1733
7   Manuel Marcos ESP   1562
8   Paz Gonzalez de Aguilar ESP   1527
9   Tom Zakariassen NOR   1423
10   Carlos Dolz de Espejo ESP   1350
11   Ana Cardenal ESP   1227